Football Shirts for Rework (Grade C)

$6.00 per piece

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Football Shirt Material for Re-Work

We stock a range of authentic, vintage football shirts that have significant damage that are only suitable as material for rework.

All of these football shirts have problems such as rips, tears, broken sponsors or bad stains. These items are ideal for re-work into bucket hats, bags or other reworked garments. 

  • Sample Video: Represents a typical mix of brands and styles that you can expect.
  • Brands: A mix of club and national football shirts.
  • Styles: All badly damaged, ideal material for reworked football shirt garments or products.
  • Bundles: A combination of sizes, colours, vintage and contemporary styles.
  • Grading: Grade C, evident damage, rips, stains and so on. Ideal material for rework.
  • Images: These are examples of the items that you can expect and not the exact items you will receive.
  • Washing: Items are not laundered. We recommend washing items to ensure their full potential.