About Us

Our Story 

Our journey began as resellers of vintage football shirts. We grew from an eBay account selling locally to an eCommerce store selling worldwide. 

In our time as resellers, we dealt with many vintage wholesalers and rag mills, often with very mixed results.

We sat down and wrote down everything that we wanted from a vintage wholesaler, and we made it our mission to create a vintage wholesale company that we wished existed for ourselves. 

One that cared about their buyers success, and looked to build long-term relationships. 

As former pre-loved resellers ourselves, we think this gives us a unique perspective on wholesaling. 

We know the frustrations buyers face trying to find quality, reliable, suppliers of pre-loved clothes.

This is why we have our customer satisfaction guarantee to hold us to account at all times:

1) Top Brands

We decided to focus on a mix vintage and premium contemporary items from only the top brands that we know sell.  

2) Orders Picked and Packed for Profit

We pick orders with the goal of achieving a minimum of 60% and above re-sale margin for our buyers across every order. 

As the focus is on our online orders, we do not offer hand-pick appointments.

This guarantees the best items do not get removed, leaving a stronger mix of vintage and rare items alongside premium contemporary items from top brands in every online order. 

3) Returns within 14 days if we fall below our high standards

If you are not happy with your order simply get in contact with us here, via live chat or call one of our team members on 0333 577 0042 and we'll solve any problems.

Mistakes can happen in this space, what matters is how those mistakes are resolved. When you buy from us, you know that you have a partner that is as committed to your success as our own. 

We will only succeed if our buyers succeed. This is how it should be for all pre-loved wholesalers. 

Our Mission

We believe pre-loved is the future of the fashion industry and we want to play our part in shaping that brighter future. 

We have seen the power of second-hand clothing to not only provide a unique and stylish wardrobe at affordable prices, but to reduce waste and the demand for new, resource-intensive clothing production.

Fast fashion is flawed, and we need to work together to bring about this positive change and usher in a new era of sustainable, pre-loved fashion.

We look forward to working with you on this mission.

Mark and Lewis,
Founders of Vintage Wholesale UK